Sinclair Programs now available

I’ve had this one hanging around for ages, but for some reason (probably incompetence) it never got uploaded. But here it is now: to be honest, a magazine that’s mainly type-ins isn’t exactly the best “fit” for OCR’ing, but it’s only 700Mb.

Grab it here, and relive those many frustrating afternoons tapping in a thousand lines of mis-printed BASIC, in the pursuit of a substandard Space Invaders clone with “machine code sound”.

Personal Computer News now available

Ah, the weekly computer magazine – we shall never see your like again. Here’s Personal Computer News, a sister title to the monthly Personal Computer Games. It disappeared in early 1985, at the same time as PCG, so we can only assume that someone at VNU decided those computer thingys were just a fad after all.

Get it, and a whole lot more beside, at the usual page.

Now, a plea: does anyone out there have Amiga Power issue 51, either physically or scanned? It’s the only one I’m missing, and it’s the one mag that everyone asks for. We’ve got Amiga Format and Amiga Shopper, so AP would complete the Future-Publishing-Amiga-magazines set. Please mail me if you can help!

Amiga World now available

At last, the first update of 2016. Amiga World was a US mag, devoted to the Miggy in the country that gave birth to the wonder machine but never really took it to it’s heart. It’s got that peculiar American look, with yards of white space in the editorial pages, as opposed to the UK cram-as-much-as-you-can approach.

Grab all 6-and-a-bit gigabytes of it here, and let’s all agree not to leave it so long next time.

Acorn User now available

I’ve had this one hanging around my hard drive for ages, and for some reason never got around to finishing it. So here it is, Merry Christmas, everybody’s having …. the chance to grab 20Gb of Electron/BBC/Archimedes/RISC nostalgia, over an impressive 267 issues. Grab it here, and remember seeding is not just for Christmas.

Amiga Shopper fixed!

The first update in quite a while, and I’m afraid it’s nothing new (like everything else here, ha!). The Amiga Shopper collection from a couple of years ago had a bit of a problem – quite a few of the issues had corrupt metadata, which meant that the actual text wasn’t searchable or copyable.

The cause of this is a nasty (and still unfixed) problem with OS X’s “Preview” application: changing anything in a certain type of PDF corrupts the file – it looks OK visually, but the underlying text (technically the “glyphs”) is broken. Unfortunately fixing them hasn’t proven easy: the original paper issues have been consigned to a remote and damp corner of my garage, where they’re now providing a cosy winter home for nostalgic 90’s-loving spiders.

Anyway, after much fannying around with pdftk, Adobe Acrobat, C#, and a couple of family packs of Scruttock’s Old Dirigible, I think I’ve got them back to normal. Grab them here; just download them over the original archive and it should update only the affected issues, probably. Drop me a mail if there’s any problems.

So now I’ve remembered how to upload a .torrent file, there should be a few more released over the next few days – including a monster 20+Gb one I’ve had hanging around for a while, so batten down the hard drives.



Amiga Format now available

At last, the long-awaited Amiga Format is now ready for download – grab it here. We’ve got all 136 episodes, plus a collection of miscellaneous “specials” – probably not complete, but you can’t have anything.

Specials aside, I believe this is the first complete collection of Amiga Format available. I’ve pulled most of the scans from various existing sources around the Interweb, and kudos to whoever they are. I’ve plugged a couple of the gaps with scans from my own collection.

Due to the mixed sources, the file sizes vary a bit, and the whole thing weights in a whopping 20Gb – and that’s after whittling down the DPI on some of the more impressive scans. Be glad you live in an era of cheap disk storage, and remember that any torrent client worth it’s salt will be able to pick out individual files for download if you don’t want the whole collection.

So go forth and download, and don’t forget to leave it seeding afterwards🙂

Thanks again to everyone who’s donated, emailed or helped out. Next? Maybe Personal Computer News, whilst I figure out how I’m going to
scan Amiga Power😛

Amiga Format – no news is good news

Just in case anyone thought I’d gone – no, I’m still here. I’ve spent far too long dithering over Amiga Format, trying to get a rag-tag collection of PDFs into some kind of decent size and consistency. I’m also, frustratingly, missing one issue – issue 16. I swear I have a copy somewhere, but a thorough search of cupboards, garages and boxes has failed to turn it up.

In the meantime, I’m hopefully going to get everything except issue 16 bundled together and released in the next couple of weeks. Might want to buy another hard drive, it’s going to be a moster …