Personal Computer News now available

Ah, the weekly computer magazine – we shall never see your like again. Here’s Personal Computer News, a sister title to the monthly Personal Computer Games. It disappeared in early 1985, at the same time as PCG, so we can only assume that someone at VNU decided those computer thingys were just a fad after all.

Get it, and a whole lot more beside, at the usual page.

Now, a plea: does anyone out there have Amiga Power issue 51, either physically or scanned? It’s the only one I’m missing, and it’s the one mag that everyone asks for. We’ve got Amiga Format and Amiga Shopper, so AP would complete the Future-Publishing-Amiga-magazines set. Please mail me if you can help!


3 responses to “Personal Computer News now available

  1. Ah now annoying, I have Amiga Power 50 and 52, would you believe it!!! Anyway thank you very very much for the PCN upload, really nice!

    • I’ve got about half of them done; I *adored* NCE, so I’d love to get it done and out there. I’m always trying to get a complete set, so I’ve been consciously holding back until I can fill the gaps: if you have any of the following issues – 6,8,23,28,30,31,32,33,34,35,36,38,39,40,50,54,57,58,61,63,69,72,73,74,79,81,83, 87,88,89,90,92,103 and 106 – please drop me a mail and maybe we can sort something out?

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