This is the home of my scanned collection of computer magazines from the 80’s and 90’s. All the scans have been collected together into PDFs and then ran through a Optical Character Recognition (OCR) package, which means all the text is now searchable.

For more information, see the Frequently Asked Questions page.

Everything here is free (“as in beer”), but if you’d like to help me get more mags online:

Any amount will help – see the FAQ for more details.

Do you have a collection of tatty, rotting magazines that haven’t been scanned yet that you’d like to donate to a good home? Or have a question/comment? Feel free to contact me at fabwhack@gmail.com


7 responses to “About

  1. Utterly amazing site and excellent work! I look forward to the completion of INPUT, Micro User and the Amiga and Commodore related ones. If you start doing any Atari ST magazines, I and thousands of others will be in dreamland!


    • Thanks! I’ve got a few odd issues of various ST mags rattling around; as soon as I have enough to release I’ll get them seeded and announce it here. Can’t promise a timescale, so keep watching this space 🙂

    • Hi – some of the really old (“v1” or “v2”) torrents might be a bit seedless, but all of the v3 ones are being seeded 24×7 from a pretty decent 100Mbit line – I’ve seeded over 10Tb of data this year alone! Let me know which ones you’re having trouble getting – I’m hoping to have everything updated and seeded from the fast line at some point this year.

      I’ve no plans to upload them to a filehost any time soon, but if someone else wants to do so and send me the links, I’ll gladly share them with everyone.

      • I agree that downloading these mags is much more convenient over a torrent … filehosts delete files all the time. :-/

      • I realise that torrents aren’t the most convenient for some, but so far it’s the best option I can find to distribute content. As you say file hosts come and go, impose bandwidth limits, sometimes involve clicking through adverts, dummy links etc. Also, torrents allow downloading of individual files if required.

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