Commodore Power/Play now available

Ahoy there retro lovers/data hoarders (or, if you’re like me, both). Apologies for the long silence, but you should all know by now that doesn’t mean that I’ve disappeared – just that far less interesting things are taking up my time. But I’ve got a few days annual leave to burn up before the end of the year, so let’s get some of the backlog sorted out.

Just to get things rolling (and to help me refamiliarise myself on how to compile a torrent file without buggering it up) we have “Commodore Power/Play”, published in the good ole US of A by CBM themselves. Grab it here.

I should have another bundle or two to get out there in the next few days, so keep coming back for more. And just in case you’re wondering, yes – Amiga Power is still on the cards, as is New Computer Express, both thanks to the generosity of some truly exceptional people. I’m working on it, honest.


4 responses to “Commodore Power/Play now available

    • That doesn’t sound good – can you tell me which issues and I’ll take a look? I’ve checked my copies using OS X’s “Preview” application, and they appear OK at first glance.

      • Strange – they appear OK here, even in full Acrobat (albeit on a Mac). Could you try re-downloading one of those issues separately please, or could you drop me a mail with an email address where I could email the first one to you to check?

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