Amiga Shopper fixed!

The first update in quite a while, and I’m afraid it’s nothing new (like everything else here, ha!). The Amiga Shopper collection from a couple of years ago had a bit of a problem – quite a few of the issues had corrupt metadata, which meant that the actual text wasn’t searchable or copyable.

The cause of this is a nasty (and still unfixed) problem with OS X’s “Preview” application: changing anything in a certain type of PDF corrupts the file – it looks OK visually, but the underlying text (technically the “glyphs”) is broken. Unfortunately fixing them hasn’t proven easy: the original paper issues have been consigned to a remote and damp corner of my garage, where they’re now providing a cosy winter home for nostalgic 90’s-loving spiders.

Anyway, after much fannying around with pdftk, Adobe Acrobat, C#, and a couple of family packs of Scruttock’s Old Dirigible, I think I’ve got them back to normal. Grab them here; just download them over the original archive and it should update only the affected issues, probably. Drop me a mail if there’s any problems.

So now I’ve remembered how to upload a .torrent file, there should be a few more released over the next few days – including a monster 20+Gb one I’ve had hanging around for a while, so batten down the hard drives.




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