Amiga Format now available

At last, the long-awaited Amiga Format is now ready for download – grab it here. We’ve got all 136 episodes, plus a collection of miscellaneous “specials” – probably not complete, but you can’t have anything.

Specials aside, I believe this is the first complete collection of Amiga Format available. I’ve pulled most of the scans from various existing sources around the Interweb, and kudos to whoever they are. I’ve plugged a couple of the gaps with scans from my own collection.

Due to the mixed sources, the file sizes vary a bit, and the whole thing weights in a whopping 20Gb – and that’s after whittling down the DPI on some of the more impressive scans. Be glad you live in an era of cheap disk storage, and remember that any torrent client worth it’s salt will be able to pick out individual files for download if you don’t want the whole collection.

So go forth and download, and don’t forget to leave it seeding afterwards šŸ™‚

Thanks again to everyone who’s donated, emailed or helped out. Next? Maybe Personal Computer News, whilst I figure out how I’m going to
scan Amiga Power šŸ˜›


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