Retro RetroPDFs

.. and the first post of 2015 has nothing new:

  • Firstly, I’ve finally got around to reworking MicroHobby, the Spanish language Speccy mag. This was incredibly popular when I first posted it, but the image quality wasn’t as good as it could be, and the torrent has been offline for a while (although this wasn’t deliberate, I just … er… misplaced it. It’s now all recrunched and ready to go.
  • Your 64 was missing issue 4. Nothing personal, Commie64 fans 🙂 It’s now in the new torrent; if you have the existing torrent, just download over the top of the existing files and this should add the missing issue.
  • Finally, Crash issue 1 had a slight problem with page 8 – although it was there in all it’s glory, the DPI of the image was set to 224dpi rather than the standard 96 – which meant the image appeared tiny. So either zoom in, or download the new torrent.
  • Grab all of this from <a href="here“>the usual page.

    In other news, I’m nearly there with Amiga Format – I’ve got all the issues collected together, just need to OCR them and they’ll be released to the world. Stand by!


    5 responses to “Retro RetroPDFs

    1. Hello, was not supposed to be it. but Hello. 🙂
      I have a question and you are a the person that has all the old back issues.
      Years ago when the amiga was popular and in the 90’s, For a while there was a weekly multi format computer mag that was 50p…. I searched and I cannot remember the name of it. Does this by chance ring a bell?

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