CU Amiga now available

At last, here’s CU Amiga for download. It’s a monster I’m afraid – over 10Gb – so please be patience when grabbing this one, it’ll take a while to seed out. Please remember that most (all?) torrent clients will allow you to only grab certain files within a collection, so you don’t need to download the whole bundle at once. Also, PLEASE keep this one seeded as long as you can – I’m doing my best to keep everything alive, but with more than 100Gb of mags now being seeded it’s difficult to keep everything going.

I’ve got the predecessor of CU Amiga, Commodore User, almost ready to go so that one will probably be next.


3 responses to “CU Amiga now available

  1. Thanks for all. I´m afraid it lack numbers 1 and 2 of CU Amiga in the pack and the name of achives are wrong. Nº 1 is actually the third issue.

    Sorry for my poor english. I´m from Spain.

    Thank You Ken D


    • Your English is much better than my pobre españoles 🙂

      The mags marked issues “1” and “2” were the first issues of “Commodore User” to be titled “CU Amiga”. Before that, the previous 12 issues had “CU 64 – Amiga” on the cover. I’ve numbered the mags from the first “Amiga only” issue accordingly, although CU Amiga didn’t have actual issue numbers as such as far as I can tell. It’s just for my own benefit than anything else.

      All of this should make sense when I release the “Commodore User” collection (hopefully in the next week or so – just waiting for CU Amiga to seed a bit more). It runs from the very first CU (Jun 1983) to the last “CU 64 – Amiga” issue (Feb 1990), which then continues seamlessly into the CU Amiga collection.

      Hope that sounds right – let me know if you still think there’s something wrong, it’s entirely possible I’ve screwed up somewhere!

      • Thanks for the reply, Ken. Now, it all make sense.

        I´ll keep seeding your CU Amiga torrent for a long time, like the rest of the scans I prevously downloaded from your blog.

        Thanks again for all your work and the time you spend making this possible.

        See you pal!


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